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About Mossborough Hall The original house at Mossborough was erected in 1300 and was in fact named Rainsford Hall, but unfortunately the partially wooden structured house was destroyed by fire in 1700 and then renovated in 1703 by Robert Molyneux.
How we recycle At James Heyes & Sons, we offer an extremely fast turn-around for the delivery of any green waste materials at our Mossborough Hall site. We can have you on-site and off again in a matter of minutes thanks to our spacious delivery and sorting area, which is fully covered with tarmac.
End Result Once the green waste has been recycled, it is then put to extremely good use on our farm land. This is why letting James Heyes & Sons recycle your green waste makes perfect sense, as the resulting compost soil is used onsite. Why help the environment by having your green waste recycled, only for the compost to then be driven for use elsewhere?
Permitted Waste Our Environments Agency license permits us to recycle varying non-hazardous green waste materials, including forestry waste, livestock waste, paper & cardboard and much more.

James Heyes & Sons - Green Waste Recycling and Management

James Heyes and Sons process large volumes of green waste, for cost effective environmentally friendly waste recycling. With the help of DEFRA and ICEP we have diversified into Recycling Green Waste and now have planning permission to compost 25,000 Tonnes per year.

We have an Environmental Agency Licence to accept wastes from agriculture, horticulture and fishing, food preparation and processing (non-hazardous) and Municipal wastes household waste and similar commercial, industrial and institutional wastes.

  • To view a full list of what waste James Heyes & Sons can process, please click here.

Why recycle green waste?

  • The majority of biodegradable waste in the UK is dumped in landfill sites, which is damaging to the environment.
  • Government association figures, from November 2007, show that the UK's landfill sites could be exhausted within 9 years.
  • Unlike our recycling process, when green waste breaks down on a landfill, it releases toxic gases into the atmosphere, including methane.

By allowing James Heyes & Sons to process, compost and recycle your green waste, you are reducing landfill, while at the same time, helping reduce the toxicity of our atmosphere. The recycled green waste also provides agriculture with nutrient rich, natural compost.

Mossborough Hall

James Heyes & Sons are based at Mossborough Hall, a family farm established in 1941 producing Wheat, Sprouts and Potatoes and Suckler Stores (Calves).

Green Waste Recycling

Opening Times

April to September:
inc. Monday to Friday - 08:30 - 18:00
Saturdays - 08:30 - 18:00
Sunday - 08:30 - 15:00

October to March:
inc. Monday to Friday - 08:30 - 16:00
Saturdays - 08:30 - 16:00
Sunday - 08:30 - 14:00

Contacting us

James Heyes & Sons

Mossborough Hall
Mossborough Hall Lane
St Helens
WA11 7JE

Tel: 01744-884711

Email : info@mossborough-hall.co.uk

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