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Product Licensing - PAS 100

The PAS 100 specification covers the entire process by which compost is produced: from raw materials and production methods, through to quality control and lab testing. It means that our composts are certified by The Composting Association, and are quality assured, safe and reliable.

The process is reassuringly rigorous and our compost production method and end product are inspected annually. It’s well worth it and gives confidence to our end users.

Click the image below to view our PAS 100 Certificate of Compliance.


The benefits of using our PAS 100 certified compost are:

  • Improving the soil structure and creating a better root environment for plants.
  • Increasing moisture infiltration and moisture holding capacity in lighter soils.
  • Providing a variety of nutrients (some in slow release forms) often reducing the need for fertilisers.
  • Providing organic matter to improve soil structure.
  • Supplying beneficial bacteria which assist nutrient uptake and help suppress soil borne diseases.
  • Improving plant health, from germination, through growth and to maturity.
  • Improving resistance to soil compaction and erosion.
  • Improving the control of weeds when coarse particle grades are used as a mulch.

NSF-CMi Assured Produce Scheme Standards

James Heyes & Sons can offer full assurance of the quality of our product. The potatoes and brussel sprouts that we produce satisfy the requirements of the Assured Product Scheme Standards outlined by NSF-CMi certification Ltd. You can view our 'Certificate of Conformity' by clicking the image below.

Green Waste Recycling Licensing - Environment Agency

James Heyes & Sons have an official waste management licence issued by the Environment Agency, that authorises the 'Keeping and Treatment of controlled waste'. Please see below.

Please click the image below to view a full-size copy of our waste management licence.


Green Waste Recycling

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